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At Jadescreen Clinic, pain resolution is a priority, as is whole body and mind connection to resolve health issues.

Classical Chinese Medicine and TCM

Terri's training is based on years of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice, but recently...

Terri trained in an ancient form of Acupuncture called Classical Chinese Medicine. It is a stand alone treatment using needles, cups, gua sha, bleeding and moxa alone. If a patient comes in before extensive vitamin dosing and prescriptions it is a lot easier to make a clear diagnosis from the pulse and set up a program for great results.  Classical Chinese Medicine is a much more specific diagnosis based largely on pulse and tongue and  regular TCM Acupuncture is used when appropriate. 

Classical VS Traditional

Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes primary channels., This is needles inserted, left in the body, and then taken out after a relaxing session on the treatment table. I do utilize many primary channel points, but incorporate them into a Classical Chinese Medicine treatment. This is not for the person looking for a relaxing session, but I still do these as required or requested and am very competent at them. I can, however, read the needs in the patient and can tell when this is required... ie. they need pampering. I still get great results with primary channel treatments. Others have no time for pain or being chronically sore from a new or old injury. In this case I will use CCM - Classical Chinese Medicine - which entails an hour and a half session of an often intense one-to-one treatment. During the session bruising is likely. As the bruise lies in the interstitial space it is a great sign of the body engaging in the healing process. These sessions are amazing for acute injuries right after they occur. I am getting more experience with concussions, new or old, and these should respond really well to these techniques. All pain can be addressed with Classical Chinese Medicine. If the pulse dictates a Divergent Treatment or an 8 Extra treatment then frequency of sessions varies. For optimal results, once the diagnosis is confirmed:

Divergent is treated: 3 days on, 3 off for 18 days.

8 Extra: Once a week for 12 weeks.

But working in todays hectic environment this is not always a possibility, so I can work within your schedule and budget.

Classical Chinese Medicine -CCM

Jeffrey Yuen was born into the lineage of Shao Lin Monks and learned Chinese Medicine according to oral traditions passed down for 88 generations. This is the ancient practice unchanged. The approach is vast encompassing needle technique, stance, intention and the use of Sinew, Luo, Divergent and 8 Extra Channels. These Channels are not taught in TCM Schools in North America nor China, on a regular basis. They are making a comeback however, and you may hear more about them in the future. For now, I can try to paint a picture for you. Basically the meridians are very accurate and often work wonders. They access the Qi of the organs and can help balance and clear and do so many wonderful things for ones health, but with the introduction of the extraordinary channels we can remove blocks that primary channels cannot access. For years I only used what I had in my tool kit, which was TCM Acupuncture, and 80% of patients had great results, but that 20% that didn't respond how I wanted really frustrated me. There is a more 3D reality to the meridian system which is accessed through the extraordinary Channels. These treatments can treat those sticky cases.

Treating Pain Using the Immune System

The pulse is key. There are volumes of books on pulse taking but none as extensive as what Master Jeffrey Yuen teaches. Pulse taking should be taught in person. I was lucky enough to get into a class and learn first hand. This may be hard to explain, but I can do my best. Basically there are different types of pathogens that can enter the body. The obvious is a virus or common cold. Less obvious and harder to understand are emotions...bad emotions or traumatic emotions are very harmful to the human body. The mind is a power house. So if shocked, the results can be long lasting. Think of the mind being stored in the blood and the heart. (hmmmm where is the mind?) When the person is shocked and traumatized the body isolates the bad blood and stores it safely up off the organs where it can not cause damage. Think of the body in layers or depth. A pathogen at the deepest layer would look like a patient with severe pneumonia on their death bed in a hospital. A pathogen at the first layer of defense looks like a sweat and chills with fever from a common cold... its right at the skin. Now the magic of the human body starts to play out. As the organism strives to save itself it has the ability to store the pathogen in convenient places. The best storage places in the body are large cool liquid filled joints. So you have sore hips? Or sore shoulders? Maybe this is getting interesting? A proper sinew treatment is based on location of pain, mobility (sore movements) and pulse. A course of treatments yield the best results. A course is every day for three to five days. No more than 10 days without a break of a few weeks in between. I suggest pre-booking online, or call me directly and I can taylor your treatments to your needs and book it for you. 604-389-9975

The CNS and Healing...

The central nervous system is a power house that can access literally every system in the body. Through extensive and ongoing training I use the sensory nerves to work deep into the CNS affecting gate, posture, muscle, tendon and bone. The organism can be greatly affected and sometimes a healing crisis occurs. This is short lived and often essential to overcoming long blocked pathogens. A healing crisis can be phlegm, coughed up or coming out of the nasal passages, or loose stool or nausea, but not much more... it is like half of of cold or flu virus and generally the pain is better and people actually still feel better while the symptoms are there, around 2 days maximum, depending on how bad the condition is.

Emotional Pain

Often, people show up bruised by life. This is unfortunate. Grief and loss are a normal part of life, but deep emotional scars can seriously effect our overall health in terms of emotions and pain. I have learned that often chronic pain is actually emotional and I employ the use of Luo channels to help. Bleeding is considered a Luo treatment and is also a sign of healing, considering where it occurs. I will encourage bleeding if required using safe needling with gloves and a small diabetes lancet. Bruising is evident after the session and if this bothers a patient, then this treatment option may not help them. It is very effective though, but works best on a schedule of every second day for 21 days (eleven treatments).

Call 604-389-9975 to pre-book your sessions or book online.

Diet and Nutrition

At Jadescreen Clinic the patient is treated for all conditions including digestion, internal medicine such as diabetes, thyroid issues, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, etc. We use acupuncture and colon hydrotherapy, but diet and detox products are a big part of getting back a proper metabolism, helping the kidney and liver function the best they can and a means to enjoying better health. We supply a list of products to choose from as well as dietary changes and guidelines to reach your health goals. Following your Naturopath's protocol is respected and encouraged also. Book today or call for a consultation.

Classical Chinese Medicine

Terri practices an ancient form of Acupuncture called Classical Chinese medicine. It is a stand alone treatment using needles, cups, gua sha, bleeding and moxa alone. If a patient comes in before extensive vitamin dosing and perscriptions it is a lot easier to make a clear diagnosis from the pulse and set up a program for great results. Once we realize positive results which are lasting, any other health practitioners such as Naturopaths can be consulted and you could embark on that path toward healing. We can work with existing plans from specialists and others, but results can be slower. Acupuncture is needed at least once a week for up to 12 weeks, but depending on diagnosis it can be 3 days on 3 days off for up 18 days, or less as your budget allows. Classical Chinese Medicine is much more specific than regular TCM Acupuncture, and results can be fast and amazing. Combine this with dietary guidelines, colonics and detox products and we could really get you turned around in your health. Call or text


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Registered Acupuncture

 Acupuncture, cupping, moxa, Tuina Massage, 


Colon Hydrotherapy

Hospital Grade, closed system safe and clean

The Combo

Acupuncture and Colon Hydrothery

Allow 2 hours

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