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Colon Hydrothery/Colonics

Jadescreen Clinic uses the APS - 100 from Prime Pacific Health Innovations.  This is a closed system which uses disposable equipment and water which is double filtered and UV sterilized.   Your comfort and privacy are a primary concern.  Vancouver Coastal Health Certified.  

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Terri Lukyn RAc

Terri has been serving Squamish BC as a health care professional since 2003. She brings years of training in, Chinese Medicine, physiology anatomy and client care. 


At Jadescreen clinic you get more than a Colonic.  You can purchase supplements to complete your detox.  Call for more information.  

Cellular Waste

A typical bowel movement contains a lot of cellular waste.  The digestive system is a phenomenally intricate system which can work better.  And chances are you have a program in place to reach your own goals.   If not I can help you look at different options.


Call before you book and we can discuss the best options for your personal goals.  I offer guideance on this subject and you can call me to discuss this.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Hospital Grade, closed system safe and clean

$120.75 for first session and Consultation

$99.75 Follow-up Treatments.

*All Prices include GST*

The Combo

Acupuncture and Colon Hydrothery

Allow 2 hours

$55.80 for Colonic

$94.50 for Full Session Acupuncture.

*All Prices include GST*

Colonics - More Information

I suggest 2-3 Colonics within a 7-8 day period for a good cleanse. This can be done 2-4 times a year. Some clients have had amazing results having a colonic every 6 weeks for up to 12 months or until bowels are very regular, as in the case of mild constipation. When you come in and we look at your health goals we can discuss a treatment plan. If you can only afford one Colonic it is still a great cleansing tool.

AKA Colon Irrigation, Colon Hydrotherapy

Please note: This treatment does not recommend or endorse any specific treatment modalities of illness. It follows, to a large extent, the recommendations of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is up to the patient and health caregiver to educate themselves and their patients of the prevention and/or treatment of that illness within their own belief system that is in compliance with their local regulatory authorities.

Preparation: Before your Colonic

In order to have a more comfortable Colonic it is suggested that you have a light laxative of your choice the night before. If you or your naturopath think or know you have Candida overgrowth this makes your Colonic much more comfortable and is recommended. You can eat about a half hour before the session and this naturally stimulates peristalsis, which is a good thing.

Historical View:

Colonics, or the enema, dates back to the Ebers Papyrus of 14th century BC. and the Edwin Smith Papyrus (c. 1700 BC). Both sources mention enemas and give directions for the use of enemas. There are many references to enemas and colonics throughout history after that. These can be researched depending on one’s interest in the history of colonics. i.e. Dr. Kellogg 1917 Journal of American Medicine.

Common Concerns about Colon Hydrotherapy

What about possible perforation of the Colon?

A safe colon hydrotherapy instrument should reduce not only the water flow but also the water pressure before it is allowed to flow into the colon. The Aquanet APS 100 manufactured in Canada and certified by Health Canada has a series of checks and balances manufactured into it that ensure it cannot exceed a safe pressure within the colon. If pressure starts to climb, water is automatically diverted to keep pressure no higher than 2 psi.

The same principal applies to water temperature. There is an automatic shut-off built into the equipment which stops flow if the temperature of under 38 degrees is not maintained.

Will colon irrigation effect the colons friendly bacteria (intestinal flora) balance?  There are over 2 trillion different types of bacteria and parasites naturally occurring between the mouth and the anus.  

A proper balance of intestinal flora plays a very important role in health and disease. During a treatment, some friendly and not so friendly bacteria could be washed out and therefor reduced. Proper nutrition will replenish and enhance the colon’s ability to maintain balance following colon hydrotherapy.  The large intestine has a mucous lining which is replace every 3 Days!  When you what it the good stuff will be replaced naturally.  

For a great podcast on Gut Science listen to the OLOGIES series by Alie Ward. Titled MICROBIOLOGY (Gut Biome) with Elaine Hsiao.

The importance of healthy gut biome is becoming more and more relevant in modern medicine.  We use only double filtered UV sterilized water, which doesn't disturb the chemical balance in the Gut.  Any supplements used should be discussed with your naturopath.

 Consult your health care professional or ask about probiotics.

Nutrition can be found in: Bacteria rich foods such as Natural Kefir, Yogurt and fermented vegetable such as natural sauerkraut for example.

What is Candida Albicans?

Candida Albicans is among the most common of yeast or molds/fungi. It may be found in every human intestinal tract from the mouth to the anus. Normally the fungus is kept under control by friendly bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, however, when it is stimulated by various factors, such as poor diet, antibiotics etc., it may establish a chronic infection (yeast overgrowth) known as chronic candidiasis. If the colon is not cleansed and the condition arrested it can overcome the entire immune system. Symptoms can include: respiratory infections, hyperactivity, mood swings, depression, arthritis, kidney and bladder infections, vaginitis, acne, colitis, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, allergies, etc. drug treatments are usually not a lasting treatment of this condition as they tend to make it worse in the long run. The only lasting successful treatment of this condition is a supervised detoxification program with nutritional guidance from your health care professional and colon hydrotherapy. If you suspect chronic candidiasis please consult your health care professional before booking to ensure optimal results.

Will colon irrigation effect the body’s electrolyte/mineral balance?

Repeated treatments can affect this and it is therefore important to maintain a good balance. Electrolytes are chemical substances which, in solution dissociate into ions and are capable of conducting an electric current. Electrolytes and other mineral compounds are responsible for vital functions throughout the body. Any of these substances which reach the colon with the feces, are reabsorbed together with the water, in the course of the semi-solidification of the colon contents. When the body is properly nourished with good quality foods containing sodium, potassium and magnesium, the electrolyte level of the colon is replenished as part of the diet. Your health care practitioner should warn you of too many colonics and this would not be allowed in extreme cases (where mental health issues, for example, are involved).

What about possible contamination?

After each session the Colon Hydrotherapy equipment, specifically, the waste pathway is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected with an effective germicidal solution. Weekly, the equipment is flushed with the same disinfectant (from manufacturer) then the instrument is extensively rinsed with water, clearing all germicidal solution from the instrument. Test strips are then used to ensure cleaning solution is fully rinsed out. As only the waste pathway out of the machine realizes contact with feces, this is a very safe process. The entire system is disinfected in the event that contaminated city water is introduced. There is an elaborate filtration system in place which is regularly maintained and checked. 

Only disposable speculum (inserted) and water lines are used at Jadescreen Clinic, which is common in British Columbia. Cloth sheets are not used at this time, so that the treatment table can be disinfected between clients. Treatment table paper and a hospital quality disposable under pad are used, with disposable underpants that open at back. All are changed between clients. Toilet and sink are washed with an antiviral solution between clients. 

Q and A

How do I prepare for a Colonic?

You are paying to have the bowel cleaned, as you would an enema, but with much better and more sophisticated equipment. I suggest eating light the day before and then a normal bowel movement the morning of the appointment. Some clients prefer a light laxative the day before to ensure a good bowel movement. If you have no bowel movement that is OK. If you eat a half hour before your appointment this will increase peristalsis and may give you an easier time with the procedure.

  • Can I have a colonic if I am menstruating?

Yes. The body is detoxifying with the menstrual cycle. This is an excellent time for a colonic. Please use a tampon before the session. Diva cups can be uncomfortable with a colonic and are not suggested.

  • Is the procedure safe?

I use only single use disposable equipment. The APS-100 has a series of checks and balances in place to protect you.

#1. Double filtered and UV sterilized water

#2. Back flow preventer valves in case the city water system fails.

#4. Temperature regulation - maintained at the same temperature as the human body - my equipment is set at 37.5 degrees Celsius - If there were a surge of hot or cold water in the plumbing the system diverts it and it will not enter the body.

#3. Pressure regulators and diversion - the pressure can never go over 2 Psi, which is safe, and if it were to go over the system diverts the water.

#5. Disposable speculum. The speculum inserted into the rectum is designed to penetrate only 1.75 inches. The design has a plastic stopper which prevents it from entering further. In this way the bowel can never be perforated as it might in an enema with a stiff hose...

  • Does the colonic Detoxify me?

There is a lot of literature available on this subject I would be happy to share my knowledge when you come in or call 604-389-9975 for a free consultation.

  • Is the procedure upsetting my natural Gut Biome?
I am constantly studying food cures and have some great suggestions for rebuilding a healthy gut biome which balances over 200 trillion bacteria and organisms!  My suggestions are natural food, easy to do and very effective.  You should see a difference in food/sugar cravings and have lasting results if you follow a few simple suggestions that you can buy in the grocery store.  This is based on research published through 2018, 2019 and 2020 and is not based on alternative medicine, but hard science.  I will be happy to share my findings so you can check it out for yourself!

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