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Christina Virgint, Psychic Medium and Holy Fire Reiki Master

Christina is a highly intuitive Psychic Medium and is a certified Holy Fire Reiki Master. She is passionate about channeling energy with highest intentions, light and healing to her clients through readings and/or Reiki

Reiki, Rei means universal life and Ki means life energy. Ki is the primary energy of our emotions, thoughts, and spiritual life. Reiki is a special kind of Ki that is spiritually guided, not religious, life force energy. Life force energy is channeled through the practitioner to assist healing mental, emotional, and physical blockages.

Christina is born and raised in Squamish and is the mother of three wonderful boys, and a beautiful golden retriever. Her hobbies include ongoing education, camping, traveling and she loves gardening. Christina’s education is very diverse, as she is passionate about learning. She is a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Early Child Care Educator, has an Advanced Bookkeeping Diploma, and is currently finishing her Degree in Arts and Sciences, majoring in Sociology and Psychology along with studying Criminology.

People who know and have worked with Christina have expressed that she is a genuine soul, who is a loving, warm hearted, caring healer and is very intuitive and insightful. Christina comes with the highest integrity and follows her intuition to channel psychic and mediumship readings, and reiki through life force energy.

Note from Christina:

Thank you for choosing me to channel life force energy for and to you. I will serve you with my highest intentions, loving energy, and healing light for your highest good, whether you choose a psychic mediumship reading, reiki or both.

With love and light Christina from Aurora at True North. 

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